Keeping it real with Caria Saxton

By: Caria Saxton

The law is not supposed to be indiscriminate against any certain person, race, sect or group or any entity, when it comes to how the law is carried out, however in this age, the law seems to apply more pressure to those of a certain group especially when there is a certain level of poverty or lack of resources.

Certainly,  the law does not consider that the demands it imposes on people especially when the person has the lack of income to suffice.  With that being said, instead of reacting to the administration’s clear dereliction of constitution, the plan for this candidate  (myself) would be impose a 90 day sanction on the ATB for failing to adhere to the contractual agreement which requires arbitration in case a ticket is invalid; all collections companies have one, all financial institutions are required to have one, according to the FDIC.

The 90 day sanction will stop all collections of camera traffic tickets until an internal audit is collected and report made to the council is completed showing proper arbitration in all cases have been either started or completed. You are not supposed to pay anything that you did not enter into agreement to pay, that are the laws of arbitration.  If voted in for Ward 3 council, I will ensure that this process is done.

The Noble rd dump, is valuable land that is being tarnished with illegal dumping. As a Ward 3 council woman, I will introduce legislation that will embody the first steps to a totally clean city. All business will be required to keep the area of their business clean, extending to the 4 corners of their property lot, to the street,  and will be required to to hire private trash removal. The city will not come for their trash. Any business who is excess of trash will be fined $1000 for illegal dumping. I will push for the lawful prosecution of the owners of Arco, not limited to federal prosecution either.

North East Ohio Regional Sewer district….is in total breach of contract, the simple solution is a lawsuit against them and the EPA, and reinstate the original terms with a price tag.  The money will go into the general fund and will pay for paving the roadways and filling potholes.

These are just a fraction of the issues we have in the city,  however, the time for games is over.  We need tough and dedicated people who are honest and social injustice fighters with integrity. I am a truth seeker,  I ask the tough questions and I call them as I see them.


The in fighting is nothing more than the evidence of a broken council with a council president who is more interested in the image without the clout to back it up, and a council vice president,  who was strategically placed because the puppet strings fit, plain and simple. That won’t be me, because being anyone’s puppet show is an insult to the people’s intelligence and the people are what matters most.

My name is Caria Saxton,  and I am running for Ward 3 Council.

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  1. I have a case from 2006 for disorderly conduct shouldn’t this be off my record it has reach the statues of limitations. Also they block my license when I never had one or this has nothing to do with driving I will fight this to the end.

    • Caria Saxton says:

      Danica, I would like to first and foremost extended gratitude for you explaining your issue, it takes a lot of bravery to ask for help and in turn it may help others who have issues and are afraid to come forward.

      Everyone has made mistakes or has been caught up in the wrong crowd; growing and learning from that is sometimes realizing where you went wrong and taking the steps to change your destiny. I urge you to educate yourself about your rights as a citizen, please read the link I posted above. You are correct, the statute of limitations for most crimes committed especially when it’s such a low level criminal, is 6 yrs. If the charge was never brought to court, then yes, you can not be charged after 6 yrs. However, it sounds like in your case, you may have gone to court and was never convicted, in which you should have received a dismissal, then your next steps are expungement. I would urge you to consult a legal aid attorney to find out about cleaning that up, as I know that can harm your record especially when it comes to finding a job.

      Your story is like many others who are suffering from injustice and in East Cleveland, it’s a plague that needs to be cleansed. The fight ALWAYS begins and ends at the polls. If you are a registered voter, exercise your rights and fight for you and your fellow citizens, by voting in the right people who.will fight for your rights. Spread the word and get involved!

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