In Memory of Arlena LaBon – 109 Year old Noble Road Toxic Dump Fighter

Arlena LaBon – Our Prayer Warrior and the person who called attention to the toxic dump site on Noble Road in East Cleveland has passed at the age of 109 years old.

When they first started dumping toxic material at the Noble Road site this lovely lady asked us to help her out. At first we did not come running so she kept calling until we came and saw what she was talking about.

The next day this who story went global and thanks to Arlena LaBon the story got told. Even despite people from EC City Hall saying that there was nothing wrong with having a toxic dump in your back yard, the fight continued.
We have fought the fight on Noble Road because of Arlena Labon and the other neighbors on that street and will continue the fight long after this article gets shared and talked about.
The family asks that we don’t bang on their doors and do other things in this time of bereavement and I, Gerald O. Strothers with tears in my eyes as I type this story up ask that you all wait and let things finish.

For the record, early today about 3:00 AM. E.S.T., Arlena LaBron was taken to University Hospital, short of breath and was not able to be rescued.

There are no funeral details at this point but since her story has gone around the world thanks to people like Art McKoy and Eric Brewer, her loss will be felt around the world.
Show your love by giving this posting a thumbs up and sharing it to others. She always said God left her here to take care of her Nieces, great nieces and family including the people on Noble Road who are still fighting for their own survival.
We will post any details and updates as they are passed on to us. Thank you to my friend and coach in this battle to get rid of the Noble Road Toxic Dump site.

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