Kari Oatman Nicholson Candidate for East Cleveland Ohio Mayor

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/6/2017 – Candidate for Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio, Kari Oatman Nicholson caught shopping at the Coit Road Farmers Market in EC.

Clearly the message she sends out is that the next mayor of East Cleveland will be a woman and we tend to concur with her. Under the reign of males the city has deteriorated into the a pothole filled place with a toxic dump.

Right now the top two candidates seeking the office of Mayor out of over 14 other candidates are females. With name recognition going to Dr. Una Keenon, president of the failed EC school district and Kari Oatman Nicholson who won the online survey.
But social media people rarely vote in EC which gives Keaton an edge over voters who don’t know the name Kari Oatman Nicholson.

In Election 2017 there are several new faces on the scene and if people are ready for change it is time for the incumbents and lifetime politicians to take a break.

Oatman plans to bring business back to EC

The ladies are stepping up to the plate now all we the registered voters of East Cleveland Ohio have to do is give them a chance.
We invite all candidates for office in East Cleveland the chance to be video taped and heard.

Keep in mind there is NO EDITING so be prepared to go live on Facebook and other social media sites.

Candidates can email us at EC44112@gmail.com to set-up a chance to be heard on video in your own words.

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  1. Go2openmic@mail.com says:

    Can we get people to run for Mayor that have a background in the government. Lets talk management which is where the real problem is. Many of these people are uninformed and East Cleveland clearly is not the only black government in Ohio.

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