Dump site on Eddy Road #2 and this place stinks

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/6/2017 –   44112News.com Ward 2 in East Cleveland now has it’s own dump site back in action again. Just in case you wondered where they dumped the stuff picked up on the streets, we went inside the gates at the Eddy Road street division.

Thank you to the lazy EC Police who went in to get gas and left the gate unlocked. I bet that gate will be locked shortly to keep you unaware of what acting insane Brandon King is bamboozling everyone with.

I can’t wait to her King say that he cleaned up streets and maybe even tell the folks on Noble Road toxic dump that they are not smelling garbage in their back yards.

Shame on Insane acting Mayor Brandon King for dumping this garbage and thinking we would not publish pictures of this second dump site in Ward Two “Real” Councilwoman Barbara Thomas’s area. If you go back to tour this second dump site wear boots and try not to get too close to this mess.

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