No more incumbents this Election 2017 – Enough is Enough

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/9/2017 – Joy Jordan says ” East Cleveland’s City Officials put this toxic dump behind her house. This is what she lived with during her last remaining years.”
Despite protest from residents, East Cleveland City Council members: Recalled Ward 3 -Thomas Wheeler, Brandon King, Former Ward 4 Mansell Baker, Nathaniel Martin and Barbara Thomas along with Recalled Mayor Gary Norton Jr. all were excited to sell this land for $125 thousand Dollars.

Brandon King having a very bad day

The land was worth much more and George Michael Riley Sr. and his concubine Christina Beynon managed to sell steel beams that made them both millionaires.
At that point everyone was crying foul because their hands did not get any of that cash. The funny part about this whole scenario is that NO ONE bothered to check who this guy calling himself Michael Riley was. WE DID AND BUSTED HIM OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

George Michael Riley Sr. (R) Fired Mayor Gary Norton Jr. (L)

On Noble Road in East Cleveland Ohio we have people suffering from all types of illness from breathing to cancer. So many people with problems and even several deaths on the street since this pile of toxic waste got going.
Today, George Michael Riley Sr. has some sort of secret contact with acting EC Mayor Brandon King to tear down houses and do clean-up around town.

Last night King held a stupid town hall meeting proclaiming he is the man to be elected as mayor while some residents were totally upset over his remarks saying there is nothing wrong on Noble Road. He even claimed the people who have to watch this dump in their backyards should be happy.
It is time for a change in East Cleveland where all the incumbent or lifetime politicians take a walk out of office. From the schools being 608 of 608 in Ohio (Worst in the state) to Nathaniel Martin, running for mayor and then changing his mind like he always has done to just hope we vote him in again, this election could be the last chance to save the city of East Cleveland.
No more robocalls and control of the cable access channel by the people running city government. Let the brainwashing stop with this election in 2017 – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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