Korean Stevenson (In her own words) Candidate For Mayor of East Cleveland Ohio

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 5/21/2017 – Korean Stevenson I am sorry to beg your pardon. I have also been to the dump, explored all of the options for the dump several years ago now, spoken to the EPA requesting assistance and calling as far as Washington to find out about regulations and the millions it cost to get rid of this mess.

And I am a candidate. VOTE for Korean Stevenson for MAYOR This is not a new issue for me because i have for the past years been involved in all aspects of community living in the city of East Cleveland. I have lived here actively for 25 years. And yes, it is a focus point of my vision as MAYOR but unlike some I didn’t just start to fight I have been fighting not just this issue but….well….lets see.

Recalls at varying levels; Responsible for cleaning up and diminishing the dumping on Stanwood; Responsible with assistance from County Councilman Anthony Hariston for repair of city of Cleveland leaking water lines on Stanwood; Responsible for the repair of Stanwood; Assisted in the cry for help in the school system to organize to help the children pass the state exams; Support community events; Organized a Block Club on Grandview to eliminate criminal activity from outsiders; Attend meetings; Co-ordinate with other organizations; and Donating food and clothing in the community to residents on a ongoing basis. So there are some candidates who have their hand on the pulse of the city already.

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