Shame on all EC Fake and Real City Council People and Mayor (Mother LaBon)

East Cleveland Ohio  U.S.A. – 5/22/2017 – At age 109 Mother Arlena LaBon did more for the people on Noble Road than any of the sorry folks running the city of East Cleveland Ohio.  This posting is for the real city council people with the exception of Kelvin Earby who motivated me to write this piece and co-editor of 44112News, my twin sister, Tracy Udrija-Peters both folks who have watched over this story as it develops.

This whole story started with Mother LaBon calling and asking me,  Gerald Strothers to take a look at what was happening behind her house on Noble Road.  She told me that calls to the East Cleveland Police brought no relief and after a while they did what we have come to know as the “no show” of police in EC.

With that said I took a ride from Northfield Ave to Noble Road to see this thing mother LaBon was talking about and found quite a mess at hand.  She was right that  mess was happening in her back yard and at that time the pile was only one story tall but growing daily.  On the following day a post on 44112News brought all the media covering this story live and all media with the exception of the Cleveland Plain Dealer joined us in this story.



I have watched the real city council members, Nathaniel Martin, Barbara Thomas read proclamations for city people in council.  Sometimes they even seemed to shed a tear while they read these simple pieces of paper in front of the people, sometimes live at the funerals.  HOWEVER in this case the two veteran council people failed to even take a moment of silence in respect of the OLDEST person in East Cleveland Ohio, Arlena LaBon age 109.

There was no proclamation drafted by  the fake city council clerk or any of the fake city council members currently dishing out laws and money we don’t have in EC.  None of those FAKE people including Joei Graham who needs to really be put on the front line over one of her neighbors and constituents in Ward Four to pass away.

Out of all of these adults their childish ways could have stopped for a minute to pay tribute to a real fighter for people’s rights in East Cleveland Ohio, Mother LaBon.  I waited until Nathaniel Martin held his monthly fan club meeting falsely called the East Cleveland Democratic Club.  This dude has NEVER had a real ward meeting where it did not cost $20 to attend.


Mr. Nathaniel Martin was the first person to respond to the folks on Noble Road after he and council members, Mansell Baker, Barbara Thomas, Brandon King, Thomas Wheeler all voted to give professional con-artist George Michael Riley Sr. the keys to the Noble Road site.   Only one of them, Barbara Thomas admitted she made a mistake with the Noble Road dump site while the others either ignored or told the people on Noble Road they should be happy having this mess in their backyards.

Noble Rd. Dump Sponsor Mansell Baker

Is there anyone out there feeling what I feel that all of the people responsible should at least draft up a proclamation and deliver to the family of Mother Arlena LaBon something in tribute of her years of life and work towards helping the neighbors on Noble Road that she loved so much.

With Dr. Una Keenon  recruiting Nathaniel Martin, Barbara Thomas and several other folks in her bid to become the next mayor of East Cleveland ,  it appears that the dysfunctional city government might be under attack if Keenon who heads the lowest ranked school board in the state of Ohio takes over city council.

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