Vanessa Veals – Upset as Hell (My Facebook Friend)

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 6/10/2017 – Today we showcase one of the seldom heard about players in the East Cleveland Ohio saga and the second most downloaded video in our extensive catalog.


Her first step in the spotlight came with an alleged affair concerning Vanessa and the ten mayor Gary Norton Jr. which ended up being heard before the entire city and on a video we posted.

Her official title is that of being the secretary for the Police Chief who is making well over eighty thousand dollars a year. Although her typing skills are not up to par perhaps there is a reason for her still getting a paycheck.

When we started looking into the finances that Veals handles she got highly upset at us at one time trying to pick a domestic violence scene at the EC Library and that was captured on tape.

Our continuing investigation into Vanessa Veals took us to her handling federal funds provided for Police Athletic League (PAL). The fund is supposed to help East Cleveland children respect police officers and once upon a time there were baseball leagues, boxing and other sporting events being funded. However it appears that Vanessa Veals decided to take some of her family and others children who did not live in East Cleveland on trips to places like Kalahari resort in Sandusky Ohio.

The Ohio P.A.L. was disbanded after some inquiry into the federal funds provided to the group and now they have come back with a new treasurer after Veals is alleged to have misused funds.

A complete cover-up is underway with the police protecting Vanessa Veals and all of the other folks who received federal money and did not spend them correctly.  A look at the tax returns from Veals for P.A.L. show she received at least fifty thousand dollars and alleged to have spent those funds taking herself and former mayor Gary Norton Jr around the country.

When Norton was under fire from 44112News and facing recall Veals came up with the bright idea to purchase sweat shirts for everyone and they even took some more children from other cities out to bowl and have pizza.

We went undercover as one of her Facebook friends and have watched her vent and tell many sexy things online that she had no idea were being kept and now shown to everyone as we provide complete transparency.

Vanessa Veals it is time for you to show us the money and pay for not serving East Cleveland children property with the federal funds afforded to do so.  No more games, you along with others need to come clean and disclose every trip, every penny paid and return the money for your family and friends you took along for the ride.


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