Korean Stevenson reveals details about Meeting

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. 6/12/2017  – Candidate for Mayor in East Cleveland Korean Stevenson calls the 44112News hotline to tell about the strange meeting held by acting mayor Brandon King, 6/12/2017.
In this audio file she details how the mayors input from citizens was censored and in some cases people were not allowed to talk.

And of course the barely graduated from high school mayors flunkie, Michael Smedley snatched the microphone out of some peoples hands and in the case of Noble Road Toxic Dump spokesperson, Mr, Harry Drummund, Smedley and King did not want him to speak.

It’s just business as usual as the continued infestation of recalled mayor Gary Norton Jr. continues as King dares everyone to recall him.

(L) Smedley (R) Norton

One of 14 candidates for Mayor in East Cleveland is Korean Stevenson who went into the meeting because King and Smedley refuse to allow us to cover their propaganda meetings

FILE FOOTAGE (Not from this meeting)

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  1. Patricia Blochowiak says:

    And, in addition to being man-handled by Mike Smedley, mayoral candidate Kari Oatman has recently had her car stolen and her house broken into. This targeting of public personalities must end!

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