Dear Cassandra McDonald (Campaign Director) for Dr. Una Keenon for EC Mayor

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. – 6/13/2017 – Open Letter to Cassandra McDonald (Campaign director) for Dr. Una Keenon for mayor. Since we are playing politics and there really is no favorite person for Mayor of East Cleveland it is important that we present facts not fiction.

The case we WON against Keenon was NOT SETTLED and she is in contempt of the order to provide pubic records. We are not trying to block your punt but instead bringing facts to light. Cassandra McDonald do your :”due diligence” as we will be looking at all of the candidates under a microscopic eye.

We have admitted that Keenon is the front runner so far but she IS NOT the best person for the job. At least Keenon could stop feeding the failed Board of Education $300 a meeting dinners.  Cassandra McDonald make sure you check out the facts before you speak out as we get into the meat and potatoes of this election race.  You might want to click on the link to NewsNet5 and even do a and find the truth out.

East Cleveland parents question school board dinners during meetings Thousands in tax dollars spent for catered meals

There are so many things that we will be looking at election and it is important that we don’t make the same mistake we did electing Gary Norton Jr.  With all said we just want to tell Cassandra McDonald, Nathaniel Martin, Otis Mays and all the others riding on the Keenon bus that we simply want what the court ordered them to provide us.  While the thought of taking an ex-judge to court and winning was never the goal, it is to find out how they are spending tax and federal dollars.

Once upon a time we actually thought that our next mayor would be someone like Cassandra McDonald or even Dr. Cassie Pittman who were strongly respected by the citizens of East Cleveland, but with the move to Cleveland Pittman could no longer run and she gave up on helping our city.  And now with the idea that so many people have of being a part of the new staff at 14340 Euclid Ave, all we can do is pray for some help selecting who will be our new leader in East Cleveland Ohio.

Like President Donald Trump once said “What have you got to lose?” in this case we have our whole city to lose, perhaps we needed to look at all of the folks running for mayor this time.


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  1. Patricia Blochowiak says:

    The settlement was of my case. The board agreed to do a whole long list of things and to pay me some of my attorney’s fees, but they still aren’t reliable at providing public information or correct votes on the minutes.

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