Cuyahoga County Board of Elections being flooded by EC Telephone Calls

Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. 6/16/2017 – Election results for Mayor of East Cleveland continues causing problems for Cuyahoga County Board of Elections staff. Telephone calls flooding the switchboards as residents try to find out the people on the roster for mayor of EC. Right now only one person has been disqualified (Kari Oatman).
Acting Mayor Brandon King and front runner Una Keenon turned their petitions in early while the others waited until the last minutes to file theirs.

Front runner Keenon on the November ballot

East Cleveland and Bay Village are the only two cities that have an additional process check requiring the B.O.E. to make sure that signatures only appear on one petition and if they are found on more than one, all of those duplicate signatures are disqualified.
Expect the final list to be posted by Monday June 19, 2017 or earlier as the process gets completed.

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