They all fall down – EC Mayors Race 2017

East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. 6/17/2017 – The race for Mayor in East Cleveland Ohio just got a little smaller as many candidates get eliminated or have been disqualified from the ballot.

    First person to announce they were running for office is long time EC City Councilman Nathaniel Martin who claimed he had the right stuff to be mayor.  However the first of the people to drop out became Nathaniel Martin, mainly because of his performance not helping the people on Noble Road and his desire to stay in office anyway he can.

Following Nathaniel Martin are the Republican Candidates who both claimed to be able to switch the predominantly Democratic voters over to Republicans.   Republicans, Gerald Silvera and  Ephraim Abdullah who both bowed out after telling their tales and really doing nothing to help the people of East Cleveland.   Another person who talked a good game was Mansell Baker who for the second time failed to get signatures to run for office along with outspoken candidate Kari Oatman who will not be on the ballot.

Both Mansell Baker and Nathaniel Martin were proud to vote to bring the Noble Road Toxic Dump to the backyards of the people on Noble Road.  Neither one of them tried to help the people and or return phone calls from the people on Noble Road.   Martin hopes that the voters will forget about his part in the Noble Road Toxic Dump and just vote for him because of his monthly chicken wing meeting he calls the Democratic Club.

There are two people who made the first cut but should be challenged as far as the two year residency requirement and they are acting mayor Brandon King and newcomer Dana Hawkins Jr who both may not actually live in East Cleveland Ohio.

We expect the remaining candidates will take time to file a complaint against King and Hawkins to make them prove they have lived in the city for two years.  Unfortunately for King his property deals and land acquired will not show he has paid residential bills in a city location.   Both Dana Hawkins Jr. and Brandon King should be prepared to defend their case before the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in the near future.


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