$6.9 Million Dollar (Payday Type Loan) 8 Years Payback

East Cleveland City Council and Mayor are well on the way to bankrupting the city with a slightly secret (but posted) meeting Monday June 2, 2014.

On this date in June 2014 the city officials agreed to put the pieces needed to acquire a $6.9 million dollar (Payday type) loan to pay the overdue bills and purchases in 2014. Much like a payday loan the city has eight years to pay for this loan which will also involve the state of Ohio.

This website continues asking about the still missing and unaccounted for funds from the sale of Huron Hospital and that was about 8-12 Million dollars.

Perhaps it’s time for the people of Cleveland Ohio to stand up and say “Show Me The Money” in regards to what has happened in the past and how this new loan gets spent.

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