Are Mayor Gary Norton Loans a Ethical Violation? has formally asked the Ohio Ethics Commission if  Mayor Gary Norton has the right to endorse loan programs on behalf of City Council and or the people of East Cleveland?


Unlike the Norton administration where getting public records is nearly impossible we keep the people of East Cleveland informed.  Here is the letter now with the good folks in Columbus.

14019 Northfield Avenue

East Cleveland, OH  44112

(216) 324-4783

June 10, 2014

Paul M. Nick, Executive Director

Ohio Ethics Commission

30 West Spring Street, L-3

Columbus, Ohio  43215


Dear Mr. Paul. M. Nick;

On behalf of the people in East Cleveland Ohio, we are very thankful for the help Ohio Ethics Commission and its investigators have provided our city.  Our goal is to make sure our elected officials are trained and knowledgeable

Today we are dismayed at our Mayor, Gary Norton sending out to every home in our city representing that the mayor and city council are a party to remodeling loans.  Attached with this letter is a copy of the mail sent out to East Cleveland Ohio residents.

Once again we are asking whether Mayor Gary Norton is violating Ethics by mailing out this loan program.   Is it something under the jurisdiction of Ohio Ethics Commission or should we the people of East Cleveland ask for outside help?

Your help and guidance is appreciated by the people of East Cleveland Ohio.

Gerald O. Strothers Jr.

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