East Cleveland Citizens Upset, Dismayed, Furious / Town Hall Meeting

Selling a one hundred thousand dollar home for One Thousand Dollars,  Mayor Gary Norton and City Council President Barbara Thomas move to reward professional home flipper and City Councilman Brandon King

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton and City Council President Barbara Thomas move forward on the sale of a hundred thousand dollars house for only one thousand dollars to City Councilman Brandon King (Resolution 26-14) up for a final vote in council Tuesday, June 17, 2014.

Despite several citizens wishing to purchase the property located at 15612 OAKHILL ROAD for pennies on the dollar price given exclusively to Councilman King, no one else is being offered the same deal.

Norton and Thomas move hastily to insure the property only goes to Councilman Brandon King with an emergency vote.

Outraged and concerned citizens will hold a Town Hall Meeting:

Saturday, June 14, 2014 (Noon to 2 PM)

The East Cleveland Library, 14101 Euclid Ave

East Cleveland City Councilman Brandon King purchases homes at rock bottom prices and then “flips” or sells them back at a profit.  This home would yield a very large profit if purchased at $1,000.    Some citizens have offered ten thousand dollars which is a bargain price also since the house appraises for a large sum of money as it stands.

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