Petition to Remove Mayor Gary A. Norton Jr. Meeting 6/26/2014

We are having a public meeting Thursday, June 26, 2014 at the East Cleveland Library to go over the Charter of East Cleveland and also talk about plans to get 2,500 registered voters in East Cleveland to sign our petitions.  Any questions comments contact Gerald O. Strothers Jr. (216) 324-4783.

Finally ready for signatures and per East Cleveland charter is the Recall Petition to remove Mayor Gary A. Norton from office. Many might elude to the fact that our city is nearly bankrupt and borrowing 6.9 Million dollars just to pay this year’s bills and payroll, however that is not the only reason.

Petition to remove Mayor

Examples of other cities who faced similar circumstances, click on the city to see their petitions.

Lindale Heights Mayor               Village of Newburgh Heights Mayor


As Robot Phone Calls harass our city daily asking if we want to join forces with East Cleveland, our Mayor has not said anything against such a thing like us from happening. Instead he, Mayor Norton has talked about having Cleveland cover our fire and police needs and other services.
For those who are tired of the “flowery talk” coming from the lips of Mayor Gary A. Norton Jr. we have the official petition available for download.  (CLICK HERE)
The most important part is to complete your name and make sure that the signer is a REGISTERED East Cleveland Voter. It is important that only East Cleveland Ohio Registered voters sign these petitions because our may is going to fight losing his 100+ thousand dollar a year job.
If you have any questions Call: (216) 324-4783 or Email HERE to download PETITION 2014

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