East Cleveland City Council President Barbara Thomas – Then & Now

City Council President Barbara Thomas – Then & Now
In writing this blog entry it is necessary to actually show you the reader in video the change in Barbara Thomas a few years ago until today. First we start with the person standing up for citizens and council rights. Click this video below to hear what Barbara Thomas used to sound like and the person that brought a sense of pride to most people watching world-wide.

The next clip is from the recent meeting held to determine the future of remaining city council clerk Tracy L. Vecchio-Udria and whether she is promoted, or fired. In this clip we see Thomas trying to do the right thing by keeping clerk Tracy but she gets two negative voices telling what they want to do. Newly elected council members Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler show their wishes to terminate Tracy or as King says replace her with a telephone answering machine in this video.

Most people are asking what happened to Barbara Thomas that has made her fire former clerk William Ellington with nothing changing her mind including her own voting public. Is Barbara Thomas kowtowing to the wishes of Mayor Gary Norton and his two recently elected council members King and Wheeler.

East Cleveland citizens are preparing to take the streets in only the third recall petition campaign held in Cuyahoga County, removing Mayor Gary Norton from office. Now some folks are asking do we really want Barbara Thomas to be in control of East Cleveland government should Norton be removed by petition or is there any hope in bringing back the old Barbara Thomas.

The whole world is watching how Barbara Thomas continues firing those folks who have stood by her side so many years and alienating the very citizens who voted her into office and can fire her much like she continues doing now to others.

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