Weapons of Mass City Destruction (Norton Bombs)

Weapons of Mass City Destruction

What are the weapons of mass city destruction available to Mayor Gary Norton as he fights to keep the job of Mayor over the people of East Cleveland Ohio some just might ask and we are only happy to detail those tools used in the past. These are just a few of the bombs that are expected to be launched when the few brave citizens take to the street in a recall effort of Mayor Norton.

1. Propaganda via public access channel nine which is been improperly held in the basement of William Fambrough on behalf of Gary Norton. The original taking over of the public access channel has been the subject of many city council meetings only to find nothing ever done about his complete control tending to be called “The Norton Network” because it shows Gary Norton only in a positive light 24 hours of the day. You can best be sure that this will be one of the big weapons used by Norton to tell citizens not to fire him.

 2. Total control of City Council with Brandon King, Thomas Wheeler and now it seems Barbara Thomas all willing to vote for anything brought before them. It is expected that the Gary Norton City Council will vote down anything citizens bring forward for their vote if needed.

 3. A few years back citizens could have took back control of the City Lawyer but Norton persuaded many unknowing voters to keep the city lawyer under his complete control. We are expecting to have to take the lawyer to court and or file charges directly with a judge to get the petition past any long delays as some have happened in the past.

  4. Lies, misdirection, or just plain bamboozle tactics as heard through his weekly robotic calls or town hall meetings at the senior citizens center. Although his task requires he use his “flowery talk” to convince city voters that he has done nothing wrong and or tell how much it will affect his family should the voters remove him. Although Norton will have to bamboozle the folks into believing that a 6.9 million dollar (Payday Loan) to pay this year’s bills makes sense he will launch is this weapon with little or no regard about who he hurts or collateral damage.

  5.  Finally it is expected that Gary Norton will ask some of the few police officers from the past if they will keep him in office through parking their cars on streets or simply letting petition signature gathers know they are being watched. Intimidation has been a strong fear from East Cleveland citizens thinking that this mayor controls the city police department. With former police chief Ralph Spotts sitting on the side collecting leave and sick days and other strong police supporters facing criminal charges, this weapon is not expected to slow the petition gathers down one step.

We kick our own Independence Day from the weapons and tactics of Gary Norton on July 4, 2014 and hope to have 2,500 registered voters’ signatures by the citizens Town Hall Meeting, July 19, 2014. Our goal is to have a decisive number of voters even those who have not voted in the last two elections to put their signatures on our only hope to save East Cleveland. On July 4, 2014 stop and join the cause as we hold a protest and petition event right at city hall (weather permitting) . Come sign or get a petition and gather 20 signatures or more if you can.Pull_the_Plug

Join us from 9 A.M. to 2 PM, July 4, 2014 14340 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44112 right in the front of the building. If you are a resident interested in actually helping call (216) 324-4783 or email us EC44112@gmail.com

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