One small step for man (Now we need a giant leap)

It has been a long battle to get to the point where East Cleveland citizens are taking back the control of our city. Despite Mayor Gary Norton controlling all of the public access on East Cleveland Cable and constant bombardment via robotic telephone calls, EC is ready to move forward.
Today there are petitions that can be filled out and brought to the July 19, 2014 Town Hall Meeting (Noon-2 PM) East Cleveland Library. While this website is here to open up a very unfair democratic process in East Cleveland we are not endorsing any one person at this time.

The next mayor of our city has to have a plan or goals and is not interested in the shallow offers from the City of Cleveland to absorb our bodies. We want our town to stay strong and make a dramatic come-back.

No more secret million dollars deals where we are all still saying “Show me the Money” or brainwashing everyone with the Norton TV Network (Cable Channel 9).

People we need your help to gather 2,500 registered voters signatures in East Cleveland and you need to ask at least 20 registered voters to sign the petition.
Our grass roots campaign has less than $50 to work with while Gary Norton has millions of dollars hidden away just to send out full color pieces and even take radio and Television commercials just to keep his job.

Truly this is David and Goliath right before your very eyes and without your help nothing will change in East Cleveland. If you are happy with the lack of grocery stores, potholes, restaurants, and other business that used to be here do nothing. HOWEVER if you are tired of the potholes, loss of Huron Hospital, and do not want to be a resident of CLEVELAND perhaps you are ready to fight the East Cleveland Fight.

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