Meeting after meeting this week

The reporting staff for consists of one person as photographer and writer and every once in a while we get a break from from guest writers.

This week so far we started the week off at the RTA Board meeting early Tuesday Morning where we asked about the lack of transit police and how their flagship bus “Healthline” is totally out of control.

Next meeting same day, Tuesday was the “Barbara Thomas” in control city council meeting. It almost feels like Barbara is doing things that the audience and council in shock as the folks also notice no camera coverage on public channel nine.

However – We have covered most of this meeting on our sister Channel – 44112News.

Today based on several folks asking that we now attend East Cleveland School Board meeting we present this small document which should cover some of the reasons media coverage is much needed.

Click here for that news release

More from that breaking news story later today as the meetings continue or join us live at Prospect Elementary School Building, 6:30 PM July 16, 2014.

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