East Cleveland Citizens Recall The Mayor need volunteers

East Cleveland Ohio – Citizens will meet again at the East Cleveland Public Library to discuss a recall campaign directed at EC Mayor Gary Norton who has spent over the budget this year. The mayor’s overspending has made it necessary for the cash strapped city to borrow eleven million dollars to pay this year’s overdue bills.IMG_0863
In addition to the very large debt the city is in the streets are filled with potholes and the city is unable to find a fix. Citizens in some cases are filling in some of the larger holes with bricks or anything that will keep young children from being caught in some of the larger spots.
The five person group has been networking with Richmond Heights Ohio citizens who are also fighting to recall their mayor and hope to hear from someone in that group today.

We are looking for people willing to take to the streets and get 2,500 registered voters to sign the recall petition.

How: Citizens plan on getting 2,500 registered voters to sign for the recall

Contact: Gerald O. Strothers Jr. – (216) 324-4783


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