Cheers Barbara Thomas (She’s Back!) / Jeers Gary “Durango” Norton

Cheers and Jeers
Kudos to East Cleveland Ohio Mayor Gary Norton for going out and buying a brand new car while city employees are being laid off or taking pay cuts.DSC04788
Norton can ride in style with his gas guzzling four wheel drive Dodge Durango purchased using “Segregated” funds addressed at the recent Ohio State finance group meeting.
Clearly Gary Norton gets a big JEER for doing something so stupid that no one on the finance group or audience could believe.
NOW on the other hand we are happy to CHEER for East Cleveland City Council President Barbara Thomas for coming back to reality.

It was clear on July 23, 2014 that Thomas much like her old style was upset at the Mayor and his antics. Welcome back Barbara Thomas and hopefully she will distance herself from Gary Norton disciples Brandon King and Thomas Wheeler on the council board.

There are so many stories that are never ever seen or heard since Gary Norton video person and owner of Cable Access Channel 9, William Fambrough has gone undercover. Fambrough still gets a whopping $72 thousand dollars a years to operate the “Norton Network” on East Cleveland Cable Access Channel nine. Norton clearly does not want anyone to see what is really going on via his personal cable access channel in East Cleveland, cable channel nine. Watch us for late breaking news and videos as collected.

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