Out of County Lawyer Wanted – Sterlyn Ezell dies in East Cleveland Jail Thanksgiving Evening 2012


Who: Sterlyn Ezell
What: Died in East Cleveland Ohio Jail after being there less than 30 minutes
When: Thanksgiving weekend November 2012
Where: The worst jail in the world – Roach and Rat infested, East Cleveland City Jail
Why: Disorderly conduct and several other charges
How: According to the East Cleveland Police, Sterlyn Ezell committed suicide by hanging himself with his own T-Shirt

44112News covered this event when it happened: http://44112news.com/?p=425

Now the family seeks to find a lawyer brave enough to take on East Cleveland Police Department even after they, the police have managed to destroy all videos and cleaned up the crime scene.
Cuyahoga County Lawyers all seem to be afraid of the repercussions of going after an entire Police Department and both the local and D.C. FBI have not intervened in this matter.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton and his group of thugs have mostly deserted the ship including former police chief Ralph Spotts, detective head Randy Hicks and a host of others who have taken early retirements of simply disappeared.
If you know of any of the 12 prisoners who were there on that night when Sterlyn Ezell died in what can only be called suspicious causes not handled by anyone and hushed up by the East Cleveland Police, please have them call us right away.

The family is also looking for one brave out of Cuyahoga County attorney to handle this case and not be discouraged with East Cleveland not providing video tapes or paper records.
Gerald Strothers can be reached at (216) 324-4783 Text or Call / ec44112@gmail.com

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