East Cleveland City Employees worried about Payday this month

It was the year 2013 that Mayor Gary “Durango” Norton was warned about August 2014 when the city would finally run out of money. Instead of heading that warning Norton decided to go out and purchase himself a brand new Dodge Durango truck as his city vehicle. (Déjà vu Click Here)
Thus the residents have given the EC Mayor as Gary “Durango” Norton and that very purchase is what created a problem for the entire city. The State of Ohio was just about to co-sign on a 6.9 Million Dollar loan until the fact that Norton has hidden (segregated) funds not disclosed funds.
Now we are in the month of August and there seems to be no other way to pay the staff this month without Norton dipping into one of his hidden bank accounts to make-up the difference. Norton tells the commission to “Take a leap of faith” and the commission reply’s with a strong “NO” to his Norton’s “flowery talk” aka. “Bamboozle” tactic.

The East Cleveland Financial Commission is saying “Show Us The Money” and now everyone in East Cleveland needs to join in that same chant. This website has been stating that Norton has several million dollars hidden from view.
The State Auditors can’t even tell their boss in Columbus what bank the funds from the sale of Huron Hospital were deposited in or disbursed from.
Mayor Norton told the city that he collected 20 million dollars from the closing of Huron Hospital and that amount dwindled down to a mere two million dollars and no one knows what happened to the money.


Now all Gary “Durango” Norton has to do is a magic trick to discover some of these missing funds if he is going to make the police and firefighters happy. At this point some of those workers are contemplating filing criminal charges if they don’t get paid so it would be to Norton’s advantage to dig into some of those missing funds.

Perhaps these insiders can bring in help to find out where the funds have been hidden by any of the three Finance Directors involved.  Or maybe one brave person will ask to see what Norton has paid himself this year.

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