Welcome to N.O.A.H. / East Cleveland Sign and Beautification Project

August 12, 2014 the non-profit 501(c)(3) group N.O.A.H came before the East Ohio Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) to ask for exclusive right to create signs welcoming people to East Cleveland with their N.O.A.H logo on them. (Click here to read the N.O.A.H proposal)

While the idea was selfish and one sided and BZA asked them to get help from an architect or engineer in designing their signs essentially tabling the plans for N.O.A.H to take over the Euclid and Superior Avenues location it could be tweaked and made to work for all of the many non-profits and churches in East Cleveland.

We welcome people to East Cleveland on Euclid Ave near Lakeview Cemetery with speed cameras and signs warning that along with old signs from groups that are now defunct. Along with that location there are countless entrances to East Cleveland very much in need of signage.
Perhaps one of the many non-profit organizations will contact N.O.A.H and ask them to share the control of East Cleveland with others. And at the island location on Euclid and Superior Avenues perhaps all non-profits will be able to fly or post their logos rather than just allowing N.O.A.H to control that prime location.


N.O.A.H. is now completely immersed in city government from taking  political stands to even running the group organized to sell vacant lots however this one proposal has merits if N.O.A.H allows other groups and churches to also welcome visitors into East Cleveland.    East Cleveland Community Theater meets in City Hall Room 215 and twice monthly at City Council Meetings.


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