ATS Unleashes Traffic Cam Anywhere 2014

East Cleveland residents along with people passing through on the streets are well aware of the traffic cameras operating on busy streets such as Euclid and Hayden Avenues but a new enforcement “speed trap” has drivers upset. In this case the portable speed camera is actually shooting across to cars coming at it which should have been calibrated well in advance of this setting. (Click here to read the contract)

It appears that American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and East Cleveland Public Safety Department are utilizing the mobile unit on streets such as lower Hayden Ave where potholes make driving a complete challenge. Below even a motorized wheel chair rider is being clocked.

There are only two main streets in East Cleveland, Euclid and Hayden Avenues however while Euclid has mixed speed zones from 35 miles per hour to 25 Miles per hour, Hayden has a constant 25 Miles per hour speed limit.   Drivers on Hayden Ave also have to duck and dodge potholes and no street lines in some parts of the journey.

East Cleveland citizens are teeter tottering over placing on the November election the idea of getting or keeping the entire camera system.   With the lack of funds being received and the number of drivers who will not venture to receive a speed camera ticket it just may be the only way to prevent scenes such as what is happening on Hayden Avenue.

Many of the people contacted about this story report that collection officers from American Traffic Solutions threaten them and call all hour of the night with dunning and credit report destroyed phone calls.  With that said its shame on everyone for not passing the issue to limit webcams by having a cop at each location a few years back in EC.

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