Oh My God! Brandon King and THE WORD Church

Oh my God – The WORD Church and Brandon King 


East Cleveland Sunday August 31, 2014
Councilman Brandon King and his family continue purchasing property including contested property rightfully belonging to The East Cleveland Library.  Despite the protests and letters from the Ohio Ethics Commission, it appears that King may be planning  to challenge both state and local forces as he continues to buy up all the property he and family can obtain at less than 100 each lot purchased.
    Joining King is the mega-church called The Word who has been holding their local services at the Shaw High School in East Cleveland attracting worshipers who can’t travel to the main church center 18903 S Miles Rd, Cleveland, OH.   With some help from Trevelle Harp and his non-profit group N.O.A.H, and LaRese Purnell a members of “The Word” church will purchase several available and demolished land plots for about six hundred dollars and then present them to their church as a gift.  (Click here to see the agenda)

FREE Land for churches and non-profits


    Construction will start on a modern facility that will bring East Cleveland day care, food for the needy and all of the features everyone will applaud.  It will also syphon off church goers from East Cleveland churches housed in older buildings.  This process gets started with a meeting of the Neighborhood Advisory Board run by Trevelle Harp who will approve of the transaction and next goes to East Cleveland City councilman Manzelle Baker who will receive this in his committee.

It is expected that pressure from mayor Gary Norton and his sidekick Michael Smedley to move this out of committee for a vote.   If Baker refuses to move it forward the mayor will draft legislation simply giving the property to “The Word” church the property free much like what he has done with The Salvation Army and Boys Clubs.  
    The plan used by Brandon King and THE Word Church is simply to find someone to purchase the property at the unrestricted lot next door legislation which does not restrict selling to a commercial operation.  The one hundred dollar charge makes these lots the perfect money maker for professional “flippers” like Brandon King and now churches can also take advantage of the loop hole in our law by getting anyone they want to help the non-profits from having a mortgage to be concerned with.


The new WORD Church East


   Oh My God – This opens up the chance for all 501(c)(3) Non-Profit groups to bring their churches or organizations to East Cleveland.  
And despite the fact that these groups will not pay taxes to East Cleveland perhaps their staff and followers will purchases food and support the local business around East Cleveland and in the case of “The Word” their state of the art church will have a variety of business within itself for new East Cleveland people to frequent on a regular basis.



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