One Hundred Dollar Holler (Buy a home for $100 in EC)

$100 Dollars Holler

$100 Dollars Holler

Much ado about nothing as East Cleveland City Council changes their policy on selling homes for one hundred dollars in lieu of the appraised value with this home sale to Ms. Liani Woods.  Previously when City Councilman and home “flipper” Brandon King attempted to purchase a home valued at over one hundred thousand dollars for $100 citizens, media, all made it an issue.

NOW with the new change to Ordinance 39-14 expected to pass at the next EC City Council meeting Tuesday, September 16, 2014 it will open up the door for houses to be saved and sold for $100.  

The only glitch to the system is with long time city residents Maxine and Phelan Cheek are trying to purchase a parcel of land (No house) for $350  (Resolution 42-14). However based upon the new cost of $100 and common sense should prevail offering these citizens a chance to holler at $100 vs. $350. Of course council can amended Resolution 42-14 to one hundred dollars prior to a final vote on Tuesday.

The new “One Hundred Dollar Holler” will allow everyone including EC Councilman Brandon King to purchase homes at the new one hundred dollar rate.  Previously the one hundred dollar rate was only being offered to King but this will open up the door to purchase some lovely homes in East Cleveland Ohio at the new very affordable $100 rate.

If EC City Council votes on Tuesday September 16, 2014 to purchase the first $100 structure, not including a $400 appraisal fee given to the city or an unknown person, everyone will be able to purchase, remodel and flip all of the uninhabited homes in East Cleveland Ohio.  

The lovely home Brandon King wanted should also be given to him at the established price for structures of $100 which is now offered to the first applicants. On Tuesday September 16, 2014 the debate about demolition vs. remodeling should and the dream that the late City Councilwoman Mildred Brewer had of homes being sold at affordable prices may come to fruition.


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