Very Busy Day In East Cleveland 9/23/2014

Interesting day in East Cleveland starting with the parents of Superior Elementary School upset with the huge potholes that surround their school. That was covered by local media and even featured on a live camera broadcast. IMG_1100 NONE of the City Council or Mayor showed up to support Ward Two citizens however the message is now history and when one of the children attending that school get hurt this winter perhaps something will actually be done. Ward Two is represented by Barbara Thomas who is also the City Council President; who undoubtedly had something else to do this day.

Next a visit to the East Cleveland Library where the State of Ohio group handling going through one set of the East Cleveland accounting books had their monthly meeting. The only coverage of this event is provided here as controller of Channel Nine cable channel Gary Norton refuses to let any of the seniors watching his channel know the truth.

Please listen closely or fast forward to the end where Norton gets quizzed about rock salt and manages to slide through. Had the question been asked “How many tons of rock salt are available now?” perhaps he could have been caught in a lie but actually there is only about 200 pounds of salt at this minute.DSC04821




Finally we witnessed the recall of the Mayor of Richmond Heights taking place and she has been officially fired from her job. Perhaps Mayor Norton can hire here to join his crew in East Cleveland since she is available for work.RichmondHeights

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