VENDETTA (Where is Judge Judy?)


noun \ven-ˈde-tə\

: a very long and violent fight between two families or groups

: a series of acts done by someone over a long period of time to cause harm to a disliked person or group



It appears that East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is acting out his vendetta against council clerk Tracy Udria as he proclaimed November 2013 to not pay her and also to fire her from work.

CV-14-821810 captioned as: TRACY L. UDRIJA DBA UDRIJA & ASSOCIATES vs. CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND filed 2/12/2014

Ronald K. Riley vs. Former East Cleveland Prosecutor MICHAEL DAVID WINSTON


In what seems to be treated much like a murder trial this case is simply about Gary Norton trying to keep from paying Udrija what is clearly money for work performed.  Sadly for the people of East Cleveland Norton’s vendetta is all about thirty thousand dollars and as the five day trial continues EC Law Director Ronald K. Riley is forced to create and torture Udrija in court with only the provision that East Cleveland refuses to pay the amount they clearly owe because her invoice had some spelling errors.


Mayor Norton who himself is the victim of a vendetta being served upon him in the case of GR-14-002984 STATE OF OHIO vs. GARY A NORTON JR (Garnishment of Norton’s money), now he does the same thing to council clerk Traci Udrija.

Sadly none of the current council members such as Barbara Thomas, Nathaniel Martin or the others have bothered to try and end this vendetta or even show up at the five day inquisition.

The case summary from day four shows the all white nine person jury (three females) that this is not only a waste of their time but a vendetta clearly being played out by Mayor Gary Norton.

Day Four included EC Lawyer Riley stalling for time by having everyone on the stand read aloud materials that make no sense just to stall for yet another court day.  This inquisition may just end on Friday September 26, 2014 with the star player Mayor Gary Norton finally taking the witness stand.  He and his whole administrative staff are in court concentrating on a vendetta while the children of Superior Elementary School work on plans to get their streets repaired and city fire fighters worry about not having a working ladder truck.


Seems like Judge Sweeney could use some help from Television Judge Judy because he continues to allow the assembled jury and a group of three watchers endure a case that could have been settled by Judge Judy in less than an hour.  Judge Judy would review the contract and see that East Cleveland does owe the money to Udrija so they should pay the money.


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