Good Cop and My bad Dollar Bill (From

Imagine having to use up your good luck dollar bill to purchase a bus pass and the bill readers won’t accept it because it’s too old and colored by the wallet it has been held in for too many years.My Good Luck Dollar

This little blog entry is to pay tribute to a good police officer who does far more than what the job requires. Remember the good days when cops used to walk and beat and talked to everyone around the neighborhood.

As the RTA Rider I have had the chance to meet many of the transit police force and sometimes called them for help.  This is not about Text Transit Police but about a Transit Police Officer Jeff Loggins who saved my day by just exchanging his good dollar bill for my lucky and badly beat up dollar bill to help me make the trip downtown.

Me and Officer Loggins

Most of my time as The RTA Rider I just take trips on trains, buses, trollies and anything else that RTA features and I have done this for many years now.   Sometimes my trips are just to see how the route is running other times I wind up calling transit police when someone gets out of hand.

In all of my many rides which have even included C.E.O. Joe Callabresse catching the old 79B to Brookpark to pick up his car nothing compares to having such a nice gesture from Officer Loggins.  I hope Officer Jeff Loggins keeps my lucky dollar and it keeps him safe. Maybe he might even laugh from time to time knowing he helped out a reporter who wrote a thank you letter to him.

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