“Hunker Down” as EC Council votes for Salt over Kids

October 7, 2014 – The children, parents and staff of Superior Elementary School in East Cleveland Ohio will have to “Hunker Down” and face the winter months with no pothole repair in site.  Right now the huge potholes are five to 7 inches deep but with the council to buy two new snow plows those potholes may just grow much larger by mid winter months.


In a unanimous vote the five members all decided to go along the buying spree started by Mayor Gary Norton.  By replacing all of the city police vehicles with brand new cars and the purchase of two new snow trucks there is no chance for saving the East Cleveland budget in 2014.

A source inside the East Cleveland Service Department provided 44112News with access to the “junk yard” of broken and missing city vehicles and police cars.  What is good for city council is the city vehicle for counsel has been included in this auto recycling yard and perhaps Norton will now buy them a new car.

Finally in this entry we at 44112News.com are wondering why the brand new Dodge Durango four wheel truck purchased by Mayor Norton does not have city plates?  With regular BMV plates (civilian) he and whoever he wants can drive the Durango Truck to Shaker Heights or anywhere else and not be detected.  IMG_1204All this purchasing at the cost of the children of Superior Elementary School who will learn to Hunker Down this winter.


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