Mayor Gary Norton does the Laundry

10/13/2014 East Cleveland Ohio – An emergency council meeting was held to create the illusion for State of Ohio Auditor David Yost that finances are in accordance with his requests for an updated Financial Recovery Plan from East Cleveland.  The request from was expedited due to the up and coming election November where incumbent Yost is up against his first challenger Democrat John Carnery.  HOWEVER, for the record Republican Yost has won the absentee vote total statewide including many Democratic voters in East Cleveland.  Essentially a land-slide victory for Yost is now this websites early prediction for David Yost.

Now to talk about what happened in East Cleveland and why David Yost wanted the city to declare all income received.  First, with the purchase by EC Mayor Norton of a brand new Dodge Durango truck, Yost had to know that there might be some money laundering going on.  So his team gave what was happening in East Cleveland the title of “segregated funds” and asked for total disclosure or transparency of all hidden funds and grants.


Reading Norton Text to him

EC Fiance Director Sleepy?

Norton walks out

Norton walks out

During this time Norton managed to find nearly half a million dollars from what he calls drug money taken from busts in East Cleveland.  Now that might sound good to crime television show watchers but in real life no way could the sale of mostly marijuana (Weed) total even a quarter of a million dollars in seizures.  Norton was able to buy himself and every police officer a new vehicle saying that the city is using seized assets to do this.  When was the last major drug bust reported in East Cleveland that totaled missions of confiscated cash?  (Google it for yourself)

IF there were a half million dollars in drug seizures it would have had to include United States Drug Enforcement Agents (D.E.A.) and Federal Bureau of Investigation and other agencies not mentioned here to pull off such a bust.   Because some things under agreement are not being published but on Norton’s behalf  buying a fleet of police vehicles is a nice touch and looks good on paper.

In reality Norton should have thrown the EC Firefighters a “bone” by paying their health care costs instead of letting them sing to the media.  He could have also bought them some equipment like a working ladder truck and air masks that don’t leak.  At this point there is still time to pay the EC firefighters health care bills and make those folks happy while they EC Firefighters continue working in old equipment with trucks that nearly antiques.

We at expect the men and women in black to be paying East Cleveland a visit shortly after election day in November and that should happen prior to the holiday season, snow and lack of salt get to everyone in EC.

Enough said from the citizens of 44112News who provide you this world-wide website reaching the folks in Washington D.C. who view every entry and every East Cleveland citizen who views us on their smart phones.  You will know that we present truth when the results go up on the screen during November 2014 election and David Yost is declared the winner look at the absentee vote total in that election which and we project Yost the winner right now.

IMG_1175IMG_1202 Shortly after the November 2014 election is declared final and Yost is the winner, all gloves will come off.   Everyone will come from undercover to disclose a very long operation.  We will finally know where the money is from the sale of Huron Hospital and other not disclosed piles of dirty laundry not yet washed.



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  1. Zakee Rashid says:

    I pray that you are correct about justice finally being served in East Cleveland. Is is truly sad to think that no one cares enough to protect the people that pay Federal, State, County and local taxes in East Cleveland just as people in every other community does. Why should we be treated with any less dignity and the deserved commitment to enforce the law. It’s hard to believe or almost impossible to believe that Law Enforcement on every level has not heard the cries of the People of East Cleveland for help. If there is any honor in the law enforcement community, justice will be served.

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