Blizzard® at Superior Elementary School streets

A Blizzard® of insanity has hit the City of East Cleveland in the form of selling property for as low as $50 to city council voting to spend over fifty-six thousand dollars to demolish more houses.  This is a multiple part blog entry which starts with the nifty cold patch job done around Superior Elementary School by someone who donated some cold patching material.  There are two ways to patch up potholes ranging from Hot Asphalt being put down by a professional road crew or the simple cold patch material which can be purchased at any building material store like Home Depot®. DSCF4855

The only problem with this D.I.Y. cold patch came from the weather  outside of the school and how it affects the material(wet, rainy).  When using cold patch materials it is imperative to apply it on dry pavement or the temporary patch will fail before expected.  Keyword: temporary    All cold patch repairs are temporary and used until a hot patch can be completed.  The period of temporary requires proper application of the material.

While the students and residents of the Garfield and Lambert Streets appreciate the temporary patch it could have been completed the right way by taking the thousands being spent on tearing down more houses and correctly repairing these streets before winter hits our rock salt free city.


This is a brief period of rest from huge potholes for the residents and students, staff of Superior Elementary School from dodging 5-7 inch deep potholes.  And as the wet patch slowly disintegrates into a material that resembles the cookie crumb toppings of a OREO® Cookies flavored McDonalds McFlurrry  or DQ Blizzard® it becomes a science project of sorts. disclaimer: Parents make sure the children don’t think this toxic patch material is edible and keep them from collecting the cookie looking asphalt bits. If they do happen to taste or swallow this toxic material Call 911 or The Cleveland Poison Control Center, Address: 11100 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44106 – Phone:(216) 231-4455

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