HIGH ALERT for the residents of East Cleveland


HIGH ALERT for the residents of East Cleveland. You have NO working EMS vehicles. The second EMS squad stopped operating this morning. The vehicle was smoking due to electrical issues and wouldn’t shift into gear.


The first EMS squad the city owns has a blown engine that’s being repaired. But since Mayor Gary Norton hasn’t been paying bills, the mechanic isn’t very motivated to get the job done.10606238_10154768848355634_9220978152871836855_n

East Cleveland firefighters are calling a private ambulance service to provide residents with medical transportation. The private carrier is sending invoices to the residents, who have to pay the bill themselves. Norton and Council President Barbara Thomas cannot provide residents with EMS service even though they’re paying taxes for the life saving service.


The fact that East Cleveland firefighters are calling a private ambulance provider means that University Heights, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Euclid and South Euclid fire departments are not assisting with East Cleveland EMS runs. East Cleveland residents can’t expect another city’s residents to divert equipment purchased with their hard earned tax dollars away from the residents who paid for it.

Keep in mind that in July 2014 Norton purchased a more than $41,000 Dodge Durango Citadel SUV for himself a month before the state expected him to miss payroll. He purchased new police cars that could have been repaired, instead of using the money to fix two of the four fire trucks, to buy another EMS squad and to repair the two trucks that carry and spread salt, and plow snow. Norton used your money to take care of himself … as always.

I’m looking for East Cleveland to get more hard news over the upcoming week. The mayor has employees whose medical and pension fund contributions aren’t being paid, and they’re not happy about it. He’s misappropriating the medical bill money and using it to meet payroll. He and Judge Will Dawson refuse to cut the workforce to the level the city can afford, which is at least another 25 percent off what staffing is now. East Cleveland residents need to know their employees have legal steps they can take that will send the city on a major decline just as winter sets in.

And no, the mayor’s got the same amount of salt in the shed as you saw in the picture I shared a weeks ago. I pray he’s got it on order and can pay it. He should return the $41,000 SUV.

I hope Scott Taylor of WOIO picks up on this information as an alert to the residents of East Cleveland. If you have someone who needs to get to a hospital, find a private ambulance carrier or be prepared to drive them.

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