NO More Dumping SHIP Around Us

Dumping out of control
We have seen the continued dumping on Elderwood & Page Streets ranging from televisions to just plain garbage and thought that  it could not get any worst than those scenes.   A walk down those streets today and you may see anything from old paint to chairs and tables and even after it was reported here no one took interest in stopping the dumping.

Today we are tired of this SHIP – Yes Ship and not the potty word that some would say about trash being dumped.

IMG_1277 IMG_1276 IMG_1266 IMG_1275 IMG_1271This dumped boat was left at the now closed daycare center next to Silvermans Department store on Hayden Ave, East Cleveland Ohio.

Residents of East Cleveland have a weapon in their hands and need to start using it to capture the license plates and faces of the people trashing our city.  Smart Phones, I-Phones, or just good old cameras can be a good weapon to bring some of these frequent dumpers to justice and since our own Judge Dawson has regular clean up days around the city perhaps we can stop some of the pollution.


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