“To be, or not to be: that is the question.” *

* “To be, or not to be…” is the opening phrase of a soliloquy in the “Nunnery Scene”[1] of William Shakespeare‘s play Hamlet.



The final East Cleveland Ohio City Council meeting was no more than a dress rehearsal to be played by leading man Mayor Gary Norton Jr. and City Council President Barbara Thomas at the forthcoming Ohio State Financial Planning Commission meeting.  Oddly enough the group meets on the East Cleveland Library, 14101 Euclid Ave.  All members will be seated on the  Library Stage,  Wednesday October 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST.


For the very first time in recent  history Mayor Gary Norton refused to say a single word and during this meeting is seen rolling his head back and forth and text messaging under the table.  The script was approved and it included selling houses and property from fifty dollars up to a top price of nine hundred dollars.  And despite Murtis Taylor center not being able to pay their bills somehow the city funds were used to purchase one of the vacant library buildings and now according to counsel they are moving into their new accusation post haste.

We did get a diesel ladder truck donated to us however there are not many places in East Cleveland that sell Diesel Fuel so the nifty ladder truck will have to travel to be refueled.   Still no mention of fixing the ambulance fleet or buying the firefighters new gears such as masks that do not leak and other much needed tools.

FINALLY, the request to get a loan (bonds) that may total up to eleven million dollars just to pay off some of the recent lawsuits and independent contractors cutting all the grass and have not been paid.  Since this won’t be decided before Auditor of State David Yost gets reelected November 4, 2014,  the group will do their stage show and delay Norton and Thomas the final applause.

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