Mayor Gary Norton heads for the door again

DSCF4907The October 2014 meeting of the CITY OF EAST CLEVELAND FINANCIAL PLANNING AND SUPERVISION COMMISSION ended up being the longest time spent to date.  Starting at one o’clock the meeting included a presentation which at a cost of over one hundred thousand dollars talked about merging East Cleveland with Cleveland as one of the options.

Read the entire proposal (Click Here) 

102914 mtg materials part 1.pdf

102914 PFM Analysis mtg materials part 3.pdf

After being shut down by commission head Sharon Hanrahan over rock salt, salt trucks Mayor Gary Norton walks out of the meeting clicking heels. On the topic of rock salt, Norton after being asked by Hanrahan states that the city has rock salt to the dismay of everyone who has seen the actual video showing there is no rock salt.


The result of everything heard, seen or envisioned is no loan for East Cleveland at this time.  It is expected that Norton and his Finance Director Jack Johnson will go after a loan with our without the help of State of Ohio as Norton continues to spend beyond the budget.

Read the entire proposal to merge EC and CLE  (Click Here) 

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