McCalls Motel and Convenience Store – Merry X-MAS



14660 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44112

A new concept in convenience stores comes to East Cleveland Ohio and it includes beer & wine and rooms for convenience. The McCalls Motel and Convenience store is planning on opening for the up and coming holiday season.  They may offer gift cards food for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 dinners.  Good news is that most of the major construction completed and they are awaiting inventory to start arriving soon.


Despite complaints from local residents and city officials,  this convenience store did not have to get any approvals from City Counsel, Board for Zoning Appeals or even the Architecture Review Board.  They were not required to obtain a building permit or appear before any city counsel meeting. It appears that Mayor Gary Norton or his staff members may have given them the green light to build the store and stopping would cost them thousands of dollars.   What East Cleveland does not need is another law suite but with Norton running the show this should be interesting.


Thanks to this story in there will be a quick shuffle to get an emergency resolution drafted for City Counsel to approve without question. By making this situation into an emergency it puts the burden into East Cleveland City Counsel to make this embarrassing situation correct for Mayor Norton,  Michael Smedley and his staff.

Ohio Highway Patrol Need to See This

Driving Dirty in EC

By the way if Smedley plans on visiting the McCalls Motel and Convenience store he should first remove the illegal license plate cover from his car which is parked in the East Cleveland Police Department parking lot.


Hopefully the Michael Smedley as East Cleveland Chief of Staff will lead by example and remove the illegal license plate cover off his car first.  The Chief of Staff should be working to fix the mess created at McCalls Motel and Convenience Store rather than be driving dirty.


With out without the paperwork complete this owner plans to open his store featuring ice cold beer and wine, Swisher Sweet Cigars, cigarettes and more prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. And because it’s also a motel there will be a complete safe sex section of the store, HO HO HO Merry X-MAS.

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