Greasing Palms in East Cleveland (Show Me The Money!)


Syllabification: palm-greas·ing
Definition of palm-greasing in English:

Bribery used to secure illicit advantages or gains in politics or business:
after considerable palm- greasing, the plan for a commercial building was approved


November 7, 2014 – East Cleveland Ohio City Council met Wednesday November 5, 2014  with a plain and simple agenda which included welcoming the new Citizens Advisory Board Members and presenting a proclamation in honor of recently deceased Constance Porter, Call & Post Publisher.

What the meeting actually turned out to be was one where visibly absent Mayor Gary Norton chose not attend.  Although the law director Ronald Riley did attend the meeting, Riley informed the residents and council that he did not speak for the Mayor.

We captured this meeting using our High Definition Camera which was actually donated to us by a resident who enjoys our taping the meetings in 2014.  There are three tapings with the final one using our older camera in comparison.  Please check out the quality of video and audio and let us know what you think.

The matter of McCalls Motel & Convenience Store opening up by the 2014 holiday season came up from 44112News and EC council members got the chance to speak out.  Strongest voice came from Thomas Wheeler and Mansell Baker who vow that McCalls will not open up selling beer and wine in that location.  McCalls Motel is located strategically in Ward three under Thomas Wheeler.  Ward four councilor Mansell Baker who heads Property Committee said he did not approve this property to open up and would join Wheeler in the fight to find out what happened and why this business is opening up.IMG_1341

At that point another renegade property entered the discussion as 44112 asked about  Privé Restaurant & Ultra Lounge, 15007 Euclid Ave (Ward Four).  This explosive and neighborhood nuisance bar did not appear before EC City Council or any of the boards.  The spot was a gambling spot which was shut down by the county sheriff and then miraculously resurfaced as a nightclub without any public input or discussion.  Now the place boasts that they are on occasion open on Sundays which by state law does require a resolution of City Council and approval of the Liquor Control Commission.

Councilor Nathaniel Martin volunteered to say that   Privé Restaurant & Ultra Lounge was closed on Saturdays due to fighting and disrupting the peace of the nearby neighborhood where he lives.  Too bad that Martin is not on the Privé Facebook friends list or he might have known that this Saturday on November 8th  Privé One Year Anniversary…. We’re celebrating with our biggest Party…Get your All black outfits ready…Advance tickets available for $20!!!  And they are planning on giving away complimentary Hennessy.


The bottom line to this City Council Meeting was that there are new business locations such as McCalls Motel and Convenience Store and the Privé Restaurant that have not been required to follow any of the set rules which include getting a building permit, submitting all signage to the Board and Zoning Appeal and finally bringing this before East Cleveland Ohio City Council.  It does appear that someone in control or with a city hall email account gave these two business locations the green light to open up.

Will the residents of East Cleveland finally say that they have had enough after the one year anniversary of Privé ends up with fights and broken bottles in their parking lot or when McCalls opens up selling beer and wine this holiday season?  We at are conducting a Text Message poll and ask you to text what you think to (216) 324-4783 or just call and talk to us live on the phone (Old School).




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