East Cleveland Ohio Library – Call #:302.343 G619B (Bullied)

What exactly is Call #:302.343 G619B  ?   Using the Dewey Decimal system this posting is educating everyone about what is happening to The East Cleveland Public Library by the City of East Cleveland Ohio.  You can visit the East Cleveland Public Library and go to the shelves to find the book in this posting or just keep reading our blog entry. IMG_1246

For those who just call the library for help or utilize the reference desk librarians this posting is about Bullying and how EC City Hall continues making our most treasured facility jump through hoops to get property that belongs to the library.  Located behind the library is open space that is slated to be developed into an East Cleveland Museum and much needed parking space.

Our Non-Fiction story starts with EC City Councilman Brandon King attempting to buy the property however when 44112News.com found out that the property was owned by the East Cleveland Library in the first place it became a hot story. DSC04804 After putting the whole story out for review Brandon King respectfully gave up his quest to get the property and at EC City Council it was an agreement that the library was the rightful owner of the property and things were supposed to be complete



Many people will remember how Mayor Gary Norton just decided to give up the property located on Hayden Avenue next to RTA’s Hayden Garage and the Louis Stokes Windermere Station.    That property was given to The Salvation Army for free with tax abatement’s and the city continuing cutting the grass until construction starts.

Call number :302.343 G619B is “Bullied” What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear
Goldman, Carrie  (Book – 2012)  Click Here to reserve a copy at the East Cleveland Public Library

Who are the bullies in this one sided fight?   The answer would be Mayor Gary Norton and his Chief of Staff Michael Smedley or whoever holds that office, East Cleveland City Council Members who sit back and watch this beat down of the city library happening and finally we the people who now know the East Cleveland Public Library needs help.

What can we do?  Call Mayor Gary N. Norton  (216) 681-2208 and ask him to call the fight off.  Keep calling despite no return calls keep calling, tell someone else to call the mayor.  Send Ms. Wallace who heads this gathering an email with your feelings swallace@eastcleveland.org and or contact your city council person via (216) 681-2310  DSC04803

When: Plan to attend the meeting being held on Wednesday November 12, 2014, 9:30 AM at East Cleveland City Hall, 1400 Euclid Ave, East Cleveland Ohio.  At this meeting Trevelle Harp who actually runs the 501(c)(3) group N.O.A.H. heads the group deciding who gets landbank property.  In this case the property being discussed belongs to the EC Library but the members of that lynch mob appointed by Mayor Gary Norton is hell bent on beating up the library.  Ask yourself how can a 501(c)(3) non-profit group act as a Political Action Committee and also a real estate company and no one questions what N.O.A.H is doing with East Cleveland.

Finally in East Cleveland the children utilize Twitter to tell about a fight after-school and to have their camera phones ready to record the events.  Here the fight is being outlined with ways to prevent it from happening.  To all of the adults and children who enjoy the East Cleveland Ohio Library and what it means to East Cleveland Ohio what are YOU going to do.

This property would allow the East Cleveland Library a larger parking lot.

This property would allow the East Cleveland Library a larger parking lot.

YOU can sit back and just do nothing like most of the watchers of gang fights do or at least make a phone call  to the Mayor or City Council.       Perhaps –  YOU may even send email, or attend the Wednesday Meeting and tell Trevelle Harp and East Cleveland City Council and the the members of The Neighborhood Advisory Board stop this event.

So what are YOU going to do about this bully?







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