The WORD Church to get FREE Land in East Cleveland ???

Pass the plate and give THE Word Church enough land to build a mega-church for FREE!

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There are a few things that I personally enjoy in life and one of those is going to a nice library that brings interesting things for the community.  Needless to say as a writer East Cleveland Ohio has a wonderful library that also doubles as the town hall and auditorium.  Through my years in East Cleveland Ohio the library has been the one place that has helped us to hold citizens town hall meetings and even a class on how we prepare this website.IMG_0566

NOW, they library wants to grow larger and also increase their parking lot and their plans for expansion should make everyone in EC happy with the exception of Trevell Harp the C.E.O. of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization known as  Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope (NOAH).  The NOAH group has been participating in some activities that lead many to think of them as a Political Action Committee (PAC).

The difference tends to come back to money and politics both of which are borderline activities of having Hart and his NOAH group run distribution of land bank property in East Cleveland.  NOAH continues hosting political debates and other things that the Internal Revenue Service just might not be too happy to extend the strict 501(c)(3) status to Harp and his group if people start complaining.

On Wednesday November 12, 2014 Trevelle Harp and the group of people hand selected by Mayor Gary Norton will do two unwise things at the Neighborhood Advisory Board meeting, 9:30 AM in Room 215, East Cleveland City Hall.   First thing the group will discuss is how much more they plan on charging the East Cleveland Library to get property they, the library already own.  Needless to say none of the group appears to be card holders of the East Cleveland Library so their actions will simply be dictacted by real estate mogul Mr. Pope and Trevelle Harp to decide what will happen.

The second thing is to give away property to “THE Word” Church for free despite that fact that this mega church recently spent mega dollars on their newest church on East 55th Street in Cleveland.  Under the ego struck Trevell Hart the group plans on giving away property in East Cleveland for FREE.WORD01-300x294

In this case the church will get free property, tax abatements for an unspecified number of years and under the direction of Mayor Gary Norton East Cleveland does something the city of Cleveland and its mayor Frank Jackson did not do for this mega-church by giving them property.   This will of course start a gold rush of other churches to also come to East Cleveland where land is free and abatements are given away like presents under the Christmas tree.

The final say will come from Mansell Baker and his Property Group who are expected to send the resolutions for the East Cleveland Library and THE Word Church up for a vote. is expecting THE Word Church to load up a couple buses of followers to put pressure on East City Council Members along with some of the NOAH followers when the resolution comes to fruition.  While this tactic of public pressure has worked in the past,  it will in this case open up a cornucopia of different churches and groups looking for free property.  No other city can beat East Cleveland if the citizens allow all of the property to go for free especially at a time where money is a much needed thing we may even just settle for rock salt for our two brand new salt trucks.   (November 12, 2014 – Meeting Agenda – Click Here)WORD02-300x240



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