The week at a glance in East Cleveland – November 16-21, 2014

The week at a glance in East Cleveland – November 16-21, 2014


Temperature inside city hall

ENTIRE Meeting start to finish:

There just seems to be no end to stories about East Cleveland ranging from the return to duty of convicted felon Scott Gardner who will be working on busting more of his fellow felons to a City Council Meeting in the cold of 62 Degrees. Now that Gardner is a convicted felon does it mean that all of the cases he presents will be considered “snitching” in street language?  Read more about this Detective here:



Why is he so sad?

The mayor finally has learned to just shut up and News Channel Five got a taste of this new Gary Norton. (Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies) it was good to hear mayor Norton take the fifth for a change.   Scene Magazine used to have the beat on East Cleveland but now they are only running behind stories everyone has already done like WEWS TV 5.

A hint for all news reporters and government agencies searching for the complete history of what has been happening in East Cleveland just do a search and most of the information will be found here.
Enough bragging about something we could not be more ashamed of covering and on to the to the news.     East Cleveland City Council Tuesday November 18, 2014 held the regular monthly meeting with no heat in city hall and no cell phones for any of the members of the council. At least one member qualified and received a free (Obama Phone) Cellular telephone.   Unlike the RTA Board Meeting earlier that day,  Mayor Gary Norton did not walk out of this council meeting.

Norton walks out RTA Meeting

Norton walks out RTA Meeting

The others councilors all refused to give out their private cell numbers. With no copy machine and heat in their office this holiday season consider buying council clerk a sweater or thermal to wear to work as a gift. The electricity at city hall will not allow plugging in desk or portable heaters so employees have to grin and bear it as temperatures get colder.


Meet Dan Ray

On the agenda this week at City Council Meeting is The Dan Ray Construction a new upstart company trying to lease the EC Transfer Station.  The young man hopes that every demolition project in EC will dump their waste products with his projected business.  The only problem with the business plan of Dan Ray Construction is that most of the people doing destruction underbid the job just to get most of the building waste which is worth more than the house itself


See no money, Hear no Money, Say No Money

Finally the folks from Columbus who handle the funds in East Cleveland will be back in town to talk about money, on Monday November 24, 2015 – East Cleveland Public Library – 10:00 A.M. (Early Meeting). We need everyone who is available to attend this meeting.

Failure to attend this meeting might mean Convicted Detective Randy Gardner (Shown in above YouTube Video) will pay you a visit. It is good to see that the City of East Cleveland hires felons to work in the police department.  Rumor has it that the city jail is letting a few prisoners out to take showers and make phone calls, but everyone is shivering with the heat in city hall nearly nonexistent.



Everyone in coats while Mayor Texting

Happy Thanksgiving to all – Free Turkeys on Saturday in East Cleveland, donations of cellular telephones or telephone minutes cards  would be greatly appreciated by the East Cleveland City Council members this holiday season.

Finally where is MICHAEL SMEDLEY hiding out at?

Traffic Cam Covers Against Law

Michael Smedley

If anyone spots this reclusive East Cleveland Chief of Staff or Mayor Norton’s “BFF” please call, email, text, Facebook, Instagram, AOL, or contact us the old fashioned way (216) 324-4783.


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