FBI Arrests Mayor of Trenton, NJ, in Corruption Case is East Cleveland Next?

FBI Arrests Mayor of Trenton, NJ, in Corruption Case and now we are waiting to see if East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is next on the list.    Here is a little story to lift the spirits of all EC Residents waiting for this to happen in our city:

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) — FBI agents arrested Trenton, New Jersey, Mayor Tony Mack in connection with a corruption case Monday, a spokeswoman said.

Mack was arrested early Monday, according to Barbara Woodruff, a spokeswoman for the agency’s Newark field office.

The 46-year-old mayor is charged with conspiracy to corrupt commerce by extortion, according to a complaint filed in federal court Monday.

The complaint accuses the mayor, his brother Ralphiel Mack, and Joseph A. Giorgianni of corruption in connection with a project to build a parking garage on city property.

“The investigation revealed evidence of a conspiracy among these defendants and others to corrupt certain functions of Trenton City government in favor of purported developer seeking to build a parking garage on city-owned property in exchange for cash payments totaling approximately $119,000,” the complaint says.

The investigation has been under way for at least two years, Woodruff said.

The arrest came less than two months after agents raided the homes of Mack, his brother and a campaign supporter, then raided Trenton’s City Hall the next day.

Mack responded to the July raids by saying he had “not violated the public trust in any way, nor have I violated any of my public duties.”

A Democrat who began his term in July 2010, he has been beleaguered by questions about public finance and accusations of cronyism.

CNN’s Khara Lewin contributed to this report.

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2 Comments to FBI Arrests Mayor of Trenton, NJ, in Corruption Case is East Cleveland Next?

  1. East Cleveland Leaks says:

    From: East Cleveland Leaks
    To: garythekappa ; Mayor Norton ; Jack Johnson ; rriley ; bkyle ; msmedley ; rspotts ; vveal
    Cc: Joy Jordan ; lewisskeewee08 ; nathaniel.martin ; angle4564 ; Mansell Baker ; Robert R. Hinkle ; dyost ; cleveland.cv
    Sent: Wed, Sep 19, 2012 9:20 am
    Subject: Gary lies again and again and again

    Gary are you stupid? The fiscal emergency is your fault not council’s. You think like an employee not a manager. You should have cut the budget. Now you’ve got another$ 600,000 to repay HUD from the general fund on top of the nearly $8 million deficit. Where are you going to get$ 800,000 to pay for a$ 4 million grant? Did you find another $3 million in an overlooked Keybank account?

    The former mayor’s furlough days saved money and would have resolved the deficit, with the help of the 10% in concessions he got from the police unions that ended his last day in office. He let the concessions expire that day because you said they weren’t needed.

    Spott’s tricked your dumb ass by getting you to focus on the gun instead of continuing the expired union concessions. Listening to his “outstanding warrant” story shows how dumb you are. It has never been cost effective. It just drves up employee costs. It’s cheaper to send people with warrants a threatening letter… .Doofus.

    Where did you get the employee lock out story? No truth to that BS whatsoever. Sleepless, loveless nights got you seeing little green men again? How’s the new babe you’re kicking it with in Cleveland Heights? Hope your old lady makes your nasty ass use two rubbers. We’ve got her picture and one of the two of you together. We’ll contact you for a quote when we’re ready to run our story.

    Under the former mayor, employees were made to work and disciplined. They didn’t get$ 10,000 raises after stealing check’s and Spotts didn’t get overtime. He didn’t treat them like hookers either.

    Really, Gary, your two degrees makes a mockery of the education system. Stop telling folk you’re educated. 10 “d’s” and 8 “f’s?” Get a refund. You wasted your money.

    We heard you still carry a picture of the ex-mayor’s penis in your cell phone. Had any good fantasies about it lately? Your lie about him hitting on you was just your imagination running away with you… dwarfy. He would have made you his bitch.

    You should really learn to keep your mouth shut about people who aren’t bothering you.

    We also hear cops want to assault and set-up the former mayor. It’s like Spotts authorizing Hicks to investigate him after he asked the FBI to investigate Hicks. You’d better get those thugs under control.


  2. Valery Hill says:

    When are we going to end this thing? Seriously, when is the council going to take Mayor Norton to task? When is the police department going to be investigated? When is something going to be done about the East Cleveland cable station, so we can stop watching a bunch of senior citizens embarrass themselves on the dance floor? When is the law director going to be fired and when is somebody going to wipe that smirk off of Smedley’s face? Week after week, we hear about the corruption in the mayor’s office, yet nothing gets done about it. We know that the law director is dishonest, yet he keeps getting paid. When is it all going to end?

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