“Ziggity Boo” Day in East Cleveland

11/22/2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – Today turned out to be an interesting Saturday with a small course in rock salt and ending in a tape showing that the Traffic Cameras are unfair and need to be removed.    I also found some very old footage from 1988 of my investigation of the Pittsburgh PA Police Force and some unfair speed traps.

Most of the day was spent asking EC residents to please come to the meeting to be held Monday 11/24/2014 – 11:00 AM, East Cleveland Public Library.  It is important that residents sign up and speak their feelings to the State Financial Group overlooking the continued money being spent by Mayor Gary Norton.

There is more of the “Ziggity Boo” in this video below showing that the traffic cams are a scam and you will finally see the American Traffic Solutions Cameras in action.  (Taped 11/22/2014)

Finally, everyone is asking how convicted felon Scott Gardner is able to carry a firearm and arrest people and I am clueless at how this is happening.  It appears that we may just have found the true Godfather in this matter and just did not expect the cards to start following so soon.    So we end with the words written on the poster shown below:


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