Tattler #23 – East Cleveland’s finance director quits

 Tattler#23 – East Cleveland’s finance director quits

The latest in the foibles of Gary Norton as he destroys East Cleveland.  Readers.  This is another important story you can expect Cleveland’s media to ignore.  Lies were spread by reporters who did not verify the facts.  It’s better for them to ignore the truth than to share a truth that contradicts the lies they helped Norton spread earler this year. 

Courage and a high sense of ethics is required to admit wrong.  That’s not a trait embraced by a media that deletes critical comments about bad reporting from its blogs.

We’ve challenged reporters to simply cover the facts in East Cleveland.  They’ve chosen to ignore the city altogether.  We were, however, impressed that PD reporter Sharon Broussard attended an East Cleveland library board meeting and then wrote about it.  At least she got out of the office and hit the streets “old school style” to do some legwork.

Maybe other reporters will follow suit.

Here’s a word of the wise to editors.  Thousands of people read the Tattler and compare our stories to what is and is not being covered by you mainstreamers.  You are losing instead of gaining credibility by the decision you’ve made to ignore East Cleveland, especially you folk at the PD since you endorsed Norton.  There are a growing number of people who have lost respect and the fear of your coverage.  The Tattler has made it abundantly clear that you’re not reliable as a news source.  As the Tattler’s influence grows, yours shrinks.  To stop the erosion of your credibility, you must admit your mistakes by covering the truth. 

The mayor you endorsed is an incompetent disaster.  East Cleveland will return to fiscal emergency.  Terrence, Deborah and Elizabeth.  Do you intend to continue ignoring this story just to cover-up for James Ewinger and Tom Feran’s lazy reporting? Will you jeopardize the PD’s credibility just so two lazy reporters can hide their sloppy work?

Jump in and tell the truth.  We won’t slap you as long as reporters do real homework.  The only reason you’ve been criticized is because your reporters don’t want to obtain and read public records.  We also grew weary of your trashing the former mayor to make your disastrous endorsed candidate look good.  He was a mistake.  Be big enough to admit it.

Julinda Mi’Adolla

3 Comments to Tattler #23 – East Cleveland’s finance director quits

  1. Valery Hill says:

    I applaud Jack Johnson for having the courage to resign. No doubt, he was taken in by Gary Norton, like many East Cleveland citizens were. I hope Johnson will cooperate fully with the authorities and assist in exposing Norton’s corrupt administration.

  2. Valery Hill says:

    Is the entire East Cleveland administrative staff corrupt? Clinkscale, Smedley, the law director, the finance director, the police chief, the mayor himself, all of them involved in unscrupulous behavior. No wonder the residents are packing their bags and leaving East Cleveland. It’s a war zone!

  3. Valery Hill says:

    At the Oct. 2 council meeting, Mayor Norton announced that East Cleveland is now in fiscal emergency. He then insisted that there should be no finger pointing and proceeded to point the finger at city council. He went on to blame the council for the financial director’s resignation, as well. In response to his host of untruths, the council members became defensive, instead of simply calling the mayor a LIAR, which he most certainly is. Councilman Martin became emotional, as he usually does in these instances, and diluted his conversation by rambling on about frat brothers and his grandmother, neither of which were relevant to the issues at hand. Councilwoman Thomas doesn’t like to point fingers, doesn’t like to call names, doesn’t want to get into who did what, and the rest of that garbage; so her comments carried very little weight. While Councilman Baker was righteously critical of the Mayor, he wasn’t bold enough to speak up when Norton walked out on the meeting. This, he claimed, is the citizens’ responsibility, when the truth is that Mayor Norton is required to attend city council meetings by City Charter and it is therefore the council’s express responsibility to demand his full attendance, in accordance with the charter. Council President Jordan correctly identified Norton and detailed his wreckless behavior, as she so eloquently has done in the past. Her strength of character is seconded only by Councilwoman Chantelle Lewis who has the courage to expose Norton, without hesitation. Lewis doesn’t excuse his bad behavior, won’t ignore his incompetency, and isn’t afraid to call him a liar. She was sorely missed last night.

    As an additional note: it appears that Gerald Strothers was arrested either during, or immediately after the meeting was adjorned last night. Why this happened is still a mystery.

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