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This month the city of East Cleveland Ohio is out of money to pay most of the overdue bills including cellular phone service, electricity,  The only money coming in to  help us to pay employees is from the courtroom of Judge William Dawson.    Thanks to him collecting fines from traffic tickets we managed to have enough money to pay the staff in December.

With no cornerfreeparkbudget submitted by the mayor for 2015 (Due in November) the city is living payday to payday.  Employees need to dress warm for work as the heat is shut down on certain days or turned to just above sixty degrees,

NOW – We get to the Mayors insane town hall meeting Wednesday December 3, 2014 featuring JIM ROKAKIS here to talk about buying up houses in East Cleveland.

East Cleveland City Council President Barbara Thomas the topic of finances were only lightly touched at the town hall meeting.  The state of the city being nearly bankrupt was not mentioned by Mayor Gary Norton.  thomas

According to Barbara Thomas she say “We need to go through Chapter Nine” she talks about meeting with the creditors and coming up with a plan to save the city.  Thomas is the only council person in attendance at the last State of Ohio Finance meeting where Dave Yost Auditor of State gave the bad news of no loans for East Cleveland mostly due to the overspending patterns and lack of a budget by Mayor Gary Norton.
HOWEVER, Mayor Gary Norton on the other side feels that there is no saving the city instead residents should buy as many houses and properties they can.  In some cases we are giving away prime property to churches like THE Word Church who is expect to get their sixteenth church to be built in East Cleveland for FREE.  (Click here for the meeting agenda and list of properties)


Norton monopolyhousesand Trevelle Harp one of his merry men also plan on returning land that already belonged to the East Cleveland Library back so that facility can move forward with construction of a museum and much needed larger parking lot area.


The plan may be to hide the fact that THE Word Church is getting seven parcels of land completely FREE by bringing in a bus load of people to pressure the vote in favor of giving away land.  Despite paying over half a million dollars to purchase and renovate their latest church in Cleveland Ohio’s East 55th Street “THE Word Church” plans on getting our land for free.  The group will sing songs and praise the lord while they walk away with a royal treat any of our churches would love to have and that is FREE Property.

FREE Property Give-Away Wednesday, December 10, 2014 – 9:30 AM EC City Hall Room 215

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 9:30 A.M. in East Cleveland Ohio City Hall Room #215 a meeting will be held to give away seven parcels of land completely free to THE Word Church and return the property already owned by the East Cleveland Library.  At that meeting you may have a chance to speak but don’t count on that as Neighborhood Advisory Board head Trevelle Harp has his own agenda and this month it includes giving away houses and property FREE.  If you plan on speaking up against THE Word Church you really should say your prayers as their followers are dedicated and consist of fifteen churches in their congregation.  OMG

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