Mayor Gary Norton plays Monopoly


On December 2, 2014 a public records request was delivered in person at the City Council Meeting asking
for the payroll records for East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton.    Normally courts deny Writs of Mandamus if they have too many records to be seen however much unlike,  State ex rel. Strothers v. Rish, 2003-Ohio-2955 where all of the personnel records for Maple Heights Ohio School Board were requested and not considered too large of a request this is all about one person,  Gary Norton and his chief of staff employees.


In Maple Heights the board was forced to provide access to all of their records and that lead to finding out about former County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.  The rest is now history and it all started with a proper request to view inspect and copy public records.

There hMonopoly-038-go-to-jailave been two unsuccessful attempts to find out what money Gary Norton has received starting with my terrible case , Strothers v. Norton, 2012-Ohio-2923.  That case became a mess after the two East Cleveland Law Directors Riley and Blade swore under oath that they provided records to me.  I had a massive stroke that year and for the most part my brain was not up to par so they got away with a victory.    Normally that does not happen to me in regards to Ohio Revised Code 149.43 which is our public records law.

Following my case East Cleveland City Council tried to get the records we all want to see in State ex rel. E. Cleveland v. Norton, 2013-Ohio-3723.   While those lawyers may have been good in general or criminal law the public records law is touchy to say the least.  In that case they asked for things that no court will ever give and that is to make someone do something that is discretionary.  It is a good thing that they did not file an appeal because their case much like my first one was a “hot mess” and needs this next case being filed.

My request is simple this time and is all about Gary N. Norton and how much he has manged to pay himself since the citizens of East Cleveland voted not to allow him to make more than forty-thousand dollars a year.  A real simple request calling Norton out in public and played so that all of the citizens can see what is going on in East Cleveland.Go-

Norton still has time to save himself and the law directors some embarrassment by complying with the written request and setting up a time I can see the requested documents and files.  This is not rocket science so Mayor Gary Norton just needs to provide the documents in full with no redaction other than his social security number.  The last time I received his W-2 statement he manged to redact out some key numbers not thinking that I would be able to figure out Norton was making over one hundred thousand dollars a year.

No more games Mr. Mayor, come clean and tell the truth so that maybe the people can fix up the mess you may have created.  Remember this is Monopoly week and Mayor Gary Norton is about to spin the dice to find out where he lands or what card he picks.

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