East Cleveland School Board takes a Chance


The final monthly meeting of the East Cleveland School Board went as usual with the audience and board members not being able to hear most of the dialogue spoken.  lapelmicIn trying to be cool the EC School Board adopted using lapel microphones which are good for television studios but in public address systems they are a nightmare.

Perhaps some of the citizens should speak up and demand that the East Cleveland School Board either come down off the stage or cease using lapel microphones which can not be heard.   A better solution would be for the East Cleveland School Board to either use regular microphones  or purchase conference type microphones that are geared for productions on stage.  conferencemics


Finally if the East School Board wants to look totally cool they could purchase headset microphones that can also be used for productions at the school system.     Whatever the decision is before Santa arrives this school board needs to wish for a better sound in 2015 than the presentation given out this year 2014.

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