East Cleveland Law Director leaves with a bang

December 9, 2014 – East Cleveland Ohio – Outgoing city law director Ron Riley shocked a group of East Cleveland Ohio citizens when he stated that most of the ordinances passed by East Cleveland City Counsel did not mean anything to Mayor Gary Norton.   According to Riley the mayor is allowed to hire new people when needed and the previously passed ordinance from city counsel to stop the hiring process is invalid.

Riley who is retiring and has accumulated a number of leave days which means that this will be his last meeting with the East Cleveland City Council.  Speaking before the committee headed by East Cleveland City Councilman Nathaniel Martin much of the questions about how much the Police and Fire Chief Received including benefits which puts them at over one hundred thousand dollars  a year.

When asked about the Mayor and when the records everyone is waiting to see will be released Riley with a smile on his face says they have many more days to comply with the request.  According the Eighth District Court of Appeals East Cleveland can stall all public request for up to two months or more if they want per the Strothers vs. Norton case.

Either way defending the up and coming Supreme Court will be Ron Riley who will most likely be sipping Mojito type beverages on a warm island instead of pleading why Mayor Gary Norton does not want his payroll and benefits plan revealed to  the citizens who actually pay the bills.
East Cleveland Human Resources Director Anna Smith was reluctant to face up to Nathaniel Martins questions and also did not want to appear on 44112News.  With Smith talking nearly from the door she stated that there were no new hires only filling in anyone who left.  So essentially Smith states that if they are only rehiring people this can be done without regards to the financial state East Cleveland is currently facing.

At the end of the meeting several residents were totally outraged and stated their case despite Martin calling meeting to an end, lights out and lets go home.

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